Squid NFT World

Squid NFT World Closure | Withdraw Your Rewards!
Biswap DEX is developing according to the market trends and challenges. This approach requires decisive action and changes such as Squid NFT World closure. Therefore Biswap GameFi website will be turned off as well as Squid NFT World chat. Please, withdraw your rewards till that time.
Closure date: 28 December Withdraw rewards:​
Don’t worry: If you read this information after 27 December, you can withdraw your assets directly via the contract. We provide you with the instruction below.
Squid NFT World is a Biswap DEX first Play-to-Earn product we are proud of! It was a grandiose adventure full of profit and fortune! We highly appreciate your interest and excitement around this feature. The Biswap team put in a lot of effort and creativity, so we a happy to share with you these stunning numbers:
Total Played Games: 1 022 972 Wins: 876 776 (85.71%)
Minted NFTs Players NFT: 195 570 Buses NFT: 41 019
Thanks to all 41 224 active users. We wish you to win all games and gain more than possible!
Biswap is turning a page, leaving behind amazing emotions and results! We are ready for new accomplishments, and you?

How to Withdraw the Rewards via Smart Contract?

If you find this article after the Biswap GameFi website closure, you still have a chance to claim the rewards directly via the contract.
Here are short guides that might be helpful:
  1. 1.
    Check out the rewards on the balance
  2. 2.
    Withdraw the assets from the contract
  3. 3.
    Withdraw rewards from the Staff Game
  4. 4.
    Withdraw rewards from the Jackpot
Follow the simple instructions to receive assets from the Squid NFT World game

1. Check out your rewards on balance:

1. Click on the link:​
2. Scroll down to number 16 and click on the ‘getUserRewardBalances’
3. Write the wallet address and click ‘Query’

2. Withdraw the assets from the contract:

1. Open the page via the link:​
2. Choose the contract section and click ‘Write as Proxy’
3. Connect an appropriate wallet via the ‘Connect to Web3’ button
4. Scroll down to number 19 and choose ‘withdrawReward’
5. Click ‘Write’
#3 Withdraw the assets from the Staff Game:
1. Open the link:​
2. Choose the contract section and click ‘Write as Proxy’
3. Connect a BEP-20 wallet with rewards via the button ‘Connect to Web3’
4. Click on the ‘claimWorker’ under the number 1
5. Write down the player number who played the game (from 0 to 2, inclusively)
6. Click on ‘Write’.

4. Withdraw rewards from the Jackpot:

1. Open the link:​
2. Choose the contract section & click on ‘Write Contract’
3. Click ‘Connect to Web3’ and connect the appropriate wallet
4. Click ‘claimAll’ under the number 2
5. Click ‘Write’
Note: users with a large number of Squid NFT Players can transfer their winning Players to another wallet address to save BSC network fees, as the more NFTs processed in a transaction, the higher the fee will be.