Referral Program

Biswap has always been known for being the first decentralized exchange platform with a Multi-type referral program, and the team has decided to move along with this strategy. Squid NFT World also has a referral program.
Let’s say you invited a friend via your referral link and he/she earned 100 BSW while playing the game. This means that you will get 3 BSW as your referral reward. You will be able to withdraw your referral earnings at any point.
All the referral rewards are deposited into your referral balance as soon as they get deposited into your friend’s winnings balance. Every time you make a withdrawal from your referral balance, a 0.5 BSW withdrawal commission is charged. This amount is allocated for burning.
All your referral rewards will be deposited to your referral balance in BSW tokens and all the fees will also be charged in BSW tokens. Referral rewards will only be active for the winnings in BSW tokens.