Staff Game
Enjoy a Game with up to 10 000 APR!

What are the advantages?

  • Win-win game
  • Low entry cost
  • Up to 10 000% APR
  • Gain up to 270% ROI within 30 days
  • Receive rewards in progressive BSW token
  • Gamification of Staking

What is Staff Game & How does it work?

Staff Gameโ€Š โ€Šis a win-win game with a low entry cost. It requires fewer resources to play than the Main game. To participate in the game, a user needs to hire a Worker. Once the hiring period is over, a user will receive fixed rewards in BSW with up to 270% ROI in just 10 days!

Requirements to participate

To begin playing, a user must complete the following steps:

Workersโ€™ price

The cost to hire one Worker is fixedโ€Š โ€” โ€Š25 BSW. Press Hire and get a Worker with random hiring time and ROI.
Important: the amount of your investment, 25 BSW, will be returned to you at the end of the hiring duration of your Worker along with a gained BSW reward.

Gamification of Staking

Enjoy earning vast rewards with up to 10 000% APR via Gamified Staking! Your profit depends on the ROI and amount of days of your Worker.

Probability of getting a certain number of days

Workers will have a random number of days, from 10 to 30, for a hiring duration. Take a look at the chances of getting a specific hiring period in the corresponding article on Biswap Zendesk.

Chances of getting a specific ROI

Return on Investment or ROI measures the profitability or efficiency of a particular trade or investment. When hiring a Worker, the user will obtain it with a random ROI (from 15% to 270%). Letโ€™s review the probability percentages in the corresponding article on Biswap Zendesk.

Calculating APR

To calculate the APR is quite simple, divide ROI by the number of days and multiply the sum you got by 365 days.
Use this simple formula to calculate your APR: APR=(ROI/Days)*365

Workers Limit Distribution

Each user can have a maximum of two active Workers. For example, a user has already hired two Workers. If one of them has run out of hiring period, the user can hire one additional Worker.
Workers' distribution is available two times per week:
โฐ Thursday at 12:00 AM UTC
โฐ Thursday at 12:00 PM UTC

Amount Per Block Needed to Run the Game

The game may not be played for 255 blocks from the Hire transaction. If the Worker is played after the 255th block, the given numbers (ROI and Days) will be replayed and changed according to the information in the pop-up shown to the user at the Workerโ€™s purchase.
The player can launch the game manually by calling the function โ€˜selfclaimโ€™ of the contract. To do that, please get in touch with Biswap Live Support.

Commission for an early withdrawal

The commission for an early withdrawal is 5%.
For example, you hired a Worker for 10 days but then decided to withdraw after 8 days had passed. In this case, you will pay a 5% fee from the Workerโ€™s price and you wonโ€™t get a reward.

Rewards Accrual

There are a few essential aspects to consider when it comes to rewards accrual:
  • Rewards are accrued for each block and are in the BSW token.
  • Users can withdraw rewards without the commission after the hiring period of a Worker has run out.
  • 10 BSW must be staked in the Holder Pool at the withdrawal time to receive rewards.
To obtain the rewards, press the Claim button.
Workers can be purchased, and rewards redeemed only in the BSW token.