After a detailed analysis of the Lottery feature and its impact on Biswap, we clearly understand that it does not significantly influence our platform by boosting the platform or BSW token on the market. And at the same time, it requires constant replenishment of funds (80 000 BSW per month was allocated to replenish the lottery pool). We understand that many of our users enjoy the Lottery, but we need to take into account important aspects before making any decision:
  • The Lottery does not greatly impact BSW token utilities and the platform: for nine months that it was active, the total volume of users using the Lottery reached only 3 141 730 BSW.
  • The amount of tokens allocated for Burn is insignificant: a total of 408 425 BSW was burned from the Lottery during the nine months of its functioning, which is only 1.11% of the total burned amount of 36 938 221 BSW.
As evident, the Lottery does not effectively achieve any of the goals regarding increasing Liquidity, boosting TTV, and creating utilities for the BSW token. We need to consider the progress of Biswap DEX and what will benefit BSW Holders in the long run. Therefore, we propose to disable the Lottery and redistribute the budget of 80 000 BSW per month to Double Launchpools and other profitable features for BSW holders. It will create more value for the BSW token and opportunities for more utilities. We want to make decisions regarding the future fate of the Lottery together with YOU, and we need to hear your feedback.
๐Ÿ”ฅ 86.89% voted for more opportunities for BSW Holders: Lottery Budget Reallocation and Lottery Disabling

Closing Thoughts:

We thank you for taking the time to consider all the aspects and participating in the voting. Your opinion is valuable in making important decisions. We are grateful for those who actively participate in the development of Biswap! As a result of your input and feedback, the team is motivated to make every effort to create more beneficial features for the platform and its users. Letโ€™s keep progressing together!
Users have 30 days to withdraw funds from the balance on the Lottery pageโ€‹
The Lottery page will be disabled on September 7
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