NFT Marketplace with the Lowest Fees on BNB

Benefits of NFT Marketplace for Biswap DEX

The Marketplace is a giant release and an extensive part of the Biswap universe. This is a huge step for further development of the global DEX and innovative space to earn crypto via NFTs. Let’s see in detail how this stellar release will contribute to the improvement of Biswap:
⭐ Powerful, safe, and greater Biswap ecosystem ⭐ New levels and records in DeFi ⭐ Strengthening of the BSW token ⭐ Involvement of hundreds of thousands of new active users to Biswap DEX ⭐ Lucrative and beneficial opportunities for the community ⭐ Huge NFT partnerships ⭐ Greater volumes and positive statistics

What’s new on Biswap NFT Marketplace V2.0?

  • Trading Volume
  • Number of Users
  • Amount of NFTs, etc.
Explore these numbers:
Analyze the NFT Marketplace statistics for each Collection separately in all-time, 24h, 7d, and 30d time periods.
🚀 Separate Analytics Page for TOP Collections
Browse through your favorite NFT Collections with no difficulty!
  • Status
  • Price
  • Level
  • Robi Boost
On the left side, there are filters to help you use the Marketplace more effectively. Search for NFTs according to:

Find new filters provided for your convenience:

🚀 Filters for Collections
Renewed and improved filters to make your experience more user-friendly. Choose the Collection you would like to explore and use filters:
  • Status
  • Price
  • Level (for Biswap NFTs)
  • Robi Boost (for Biswap NFTs)
🚀 Filter for Auctions

How to Buy NFTs on Biswap Marketplace?

You can purchase NFTs using 4 cryptocurrencies: BSW, WBNB, USDT, and BUSD.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy marvelous NFTs in 3 simple ways: Fixed Price Sale, Auction, and Offer to Buy.
Option 1: Fixed Price Sale
  • The price is fixed by the seller
  • No price changes — be sure, that you get the NFT for the price set by the Seller
1. Head to the Sellings page:
2. Select the NFT that you want to buy:
3. Click the Approve button:
4. Pay the Transaction fee and the NFT price, and here you go! Find your NFT in the My NFTs section.
Option 2: Auction
  • Buy at the best price
  • Get the precious NFT you wanted
  • Receive crypto profit just by participating — each participant of the Biswap NFT Auction earns 5% from the price difference gap between his and the next bid.
1. Go to the NFT Auction page:
Here you see active NFT lots that will be available for some time. The estimated time to the end of each NFT Auction is seen on the NFT card in the bottom right corner.
2. On the Auction page, select the NFT that you want to buy
3. To make a bid click on Approve BSW:
4. Pay the Transaction Fee and make your bid.
Remember: each bid should have a price gap of at least 10% or any higher percentage of the NFT price. Biswap Auction gives users a lucrative chance to earn while bidding! Each participant of earns 5% from the price difference gap between his and the next bid.
5. If your bid is the highest one after the Auction ends, you become a new owner of a stunning Biswap Robbie! Find your new NFT-friend in the My NFTs section.
Option 3: Offer to Buy
  • Make a price proposal to the Seller
  • Get a fascinating NFT at your price
1. Go to the Sellings section:
2. Select the NFT that you want to buy
3. Click the Offer to Buy button:
4. Set your price proposal in the token you want to buy the NFT with WBNB, BSW, BUSD, or USDT:
5. Press Approve, pay the Transaction fee, and if the Seller accepts your price, you will see your new NFT in the My NFTs section.

How to Sell NFTs on the NFT Marketplace?

Biswap NFT Marketplace is a unique platform for selling eye-catching NFTs!
There are two options for selling your NFTs: using a fixed-price sale or via an auction. Each of these variants has its advantages.
Note: You can only sell the UNSTAKED NFTs. Before putting it on sale, please unstake your NFTs from the NFT Staking Pool first!
To sell your NFT, follow the steps below:
1. Go to the NFT Marketplace:
2. Click on My NFTs and choose the NFT you want to sell
3. Click the Sell button:
4. Choose if you want to sell your NFT using the Auction or the fixed price deal
After this, you have two ways to sell the NFT:
Option 1: Start an Auction
1. If you want to sell your NFT via the Auction, press the Start an Auction button.
2. Then click the Approve button and pay the Transaction Fee
3. Choose the token and set the minimum bid
4. Set the period of the Auction duration and press Start:
5. After the Auction ends, the last bidder or the seller has to collect the NFT to complete the trade manually.
6. As a seller, you will receive your profit once the buyer receives the NFT. If there were no bids during the Auction, you, as the seller, would be able to withdraw your NFT from the Auction.
Option 2: Fixed Price Sell
1. If you want to sell your NFT at a fixed price, click the Sell at a fixed price button:
2. Choose the token you want to get for your NFT
3. Set the price and click the Sell button:
Profit! You have just put your NFT on sale!
How to Check if My NFTs Got Sold?
To see the status of your NFTs (whether they are sold or not), head to the My NFTs section, and then choose Offers.
Here you can find all offers regarding your NFTs:
  • Sell status
  • Buy/Sell Offers
  • Auction
  • Bid
📍 Whitelisted NFTs | Watch out for FAKES!
Be aware of fake NFTs! Scammers aim to copy original Robbies' NFTs and sell them under the guise of real ones.
Always check out for attributes of original NFTs that are whitelisted by the Biswap team:
1. Green checkmarks on the Explore block:
and a green checkmark right on NFT:
2. Also, whitelisted NFTs have a list of their specs, like the number of Robi Boosts, Level, etc. Please pay attention to them when purchasing NFT.
3. Count your risks when purchasing NFTs through 3rd-party links unless you are 100% sure that the NFT is original and whitelisted by Biswap.
Note: It is impossible to buy/sell NFT if staked in NFT Staking Pool.
If you have a sale order with this NFT on Biswap Marketplace, it will become active for other users' purchases at the price you set for this NFT right after you unstake it from the pool.
To put it up for sale at a different price, you need to cancel your sale first on the Marketplace, then make an unstake in the NFT Staking Pool, and only after these actions put the NFT up for sale at the price you want.