Biswap Collectibles

The Long Awaited Limited NFT Collection!

What are Biswap NFT Collectibles?

Biswap NFT Collectibles  is  a limited edition of NFTs that can only be acquired through burning Biswap Robbies Earn NFTs or Biswap Squid Players and Biswap Squid Buses NFTs. There are a total of 300 unique NFTs of 5 levels. These NFTs are one of a kind, you’ll not find anything like them. They are your pass to special earning offers and are released with dynamic motion designs.

Benefits for Holders of NFT Collectibles

Unique NFTs bring exclusive opportunities:
  • Up to 15% Cashback
  • Up to 1% Referral Rewards Increase
  • Bonus Double Launchpool with High APR

💸 Cashback  —  Enjoy More Crypto!

This feature is available for NFT Collectibles holders. Cashback is similar to Fee Return, with the difference that for NFT Collectibles, the percentage of Cashback is tied to the level of the NFT. Cashback is accrued from the trading fee to the ‘Cashback’ balance from swapping whitelisted tokens.
Review the tables below for details:
1. Cashback percentage depending on the NFT level for the first 6 months:
2. Cashback percentage depending on the NFT level after 6 months:
Please note the following:
  • Owners of the NFT Collectibles receive both Fee Return and Cashback.
  • Rewards are accrued to the Cashback Balance. A user can view and withdraw Cashback on the Exchange tab.
  • The max rewards limit resets on the 1st day of the month.
  • Rewards are tied to the NFT Collectible, not to the user’s wallet.
  • Only active NFT Collectible is eligible for Cashback.
Example: You have an NFT Collectible of the 1st level with 10 000 BSW Cashback max limit per month. You’ve already received 5 000 BSW Cashback and then decided to sell your NFT or send it to another wallet. This NFT will still have only 5 000 BSW Cashback available until the end of the month.

💎 Bonus Double Launchpool  —  Special Offer!

New Double Launchpool will be released a month after the NFT Collectibles launch. This bonus feature is exclusively for NFT Collectibles owners. They will be able to stake a certain amount of BSW in the pool regarding the level of their NFT Collectibles:

💰 Increased Referral Rewards  —  Immense Crypto Boost!

Another great advantage is only for the NFT Collectibles owners. Users can enjoy the boost in their referral rewards! Depending on the level of the NFT on the user’s balance, the appropriate percentage of referral bonuses will be accrued to their current rewards percentage. Take a look at the table:
Be aware of the following:
  • The first minted NFT is considered “active”, but the user can change it if he has more than 1 NFT.
  • Bonus rewards are accrued for active NFT.
  • The amount of the NFTs does not affect the percentages. For example, if you have 2 NFTs of the 1st level, you will still receive a 0.4% increase for swaps, not 0.8%.
Read more and reveal all the conditions via the article on Biswap Zendesk.