NFT Launchpad

Participate in the sales of Biswap NFTs! Get unique Biswap NFTs that are available for staking in the NFT Staking Pool with high APR.
How to Purchase NFTs on Biswap?
Purchase NFTs from the initial Biswap Robbies Earn NFT Collection, on the NFT Launchpad page:
1. On the Launchpad page select the Biswap Robbie NFTs that you want to buy. All of them will be available for staking. The NFTs are sold for USDT, the price values according to the level. 2. Click the “Enable” button
3. Press the “Buy” button, that appears
4. Pay the Transaction fee
5. When the purchase operation is complete, you will see a pop-up that will notify you about the NFTs’ readiness to be staked.
6. You can find your NFTs in all Biswap Earn Sections: NFT Staking, NFT Boost, and Upgrade LVL.
When you buy Robbies NFT on Biswap Launchpad, it will be generated with random visual attributes according to the level that you purchase.