NFT Staking Pool

Your Biswap NFTs can be staked in the NFT Staking Pool.
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    To launch your passive income, click on the NFT Earn Section and choose NFT Staking from the drop-down menu.
On this page, you can see your Biswap Robi NFTs and all the essential information about the Staking Pool.
You can use the Calculate button on the NFT Staking page to calculate your estimated payouts depending on the number of Robi Boost.
2. Add your Biswap NFT to the pool by clicking the Stake button on the NFT card.
3. You can also add and withdraw multiple NFTs to/from the Staking pool at the same time. Put a checkmark in the checkboxes to the right of the NFT card names to choose multiple Biswap Robbies.
Congratulations! 🎉 You have staked Robi NFT! Now, you will earn a couple of diverse, powerful tokens simultaneously.

NFT Staking Pool - Daily Distribution

The daily distribution of the BSW tokens in the NFT staking pool depends on the total number of RB staked in the pool. The more Robi Boosts staked in the pool, the more BSW tokens will be distributed. The table below depicts the daily distribution of BSW tokens to the number of RB staked in the pool.

WBNB, USDT, BSW & Partner’s token Distribution Changes

After three months, on the 22nd of July 2022, there will be a change in BSW distribution:
60 000 BSW to 5 000 BSW per day
The distribution of USDT tokens is changed as follows, except for WBNB, which will no longer be available in the pool.
2 500 USDT per day
The changes to the NFT Staking Pool are made to extend the NFT Staking Pool by approximately one year, with a budget replenishment from the operating funds.
Biswap reserves the right in its sole discretion to change or amend the Daily distribution amount depending on the price of the BSW tokens and the market situation.