The Roadmap (Checklist) illustrated above depicts the major milestones that have already been achieved and the ones that are yet to be accomplished.

The Biswap team is currently working on:

  • Multi-Reward Pool
By staking BSW, the user daily receives leading tokens as dividends simultaneously, such as BUSD, WBNB, and BSW. The more trading volume a user does, the greater rewards he earns.
  • Exchange Page with Graphics
It’s the extended version of the Exchange page with charts and tools for trading. This feature will broaden the traders’ audience and Trading Volume on Biswap.
  • Perpetual Trading
Biswap aims to expand its trading functionality and to engage the audience that trades the futures with leverage. This will help to get new trading volume and the additional utility for BSW.

Our plans for the near future:

  • Limit Orders
  • Fixed Staking V2.0
  • New Innovative Launchpad System
  • Trade & Win a random reward
  • Multi-chain (connecting new network)
  • Global New Year Event with Activities for Biswappers
You can check the details in our article.
The roadmap is updated quarterly. Our team will keep track of all the market changes and consider the feedback from the Biswap community.