Sharing Season

The Biswap Sharing Season is a lucrative opportunity to tell the crypto world about your Biswap experience using special hashtags on Twitter and win BSW rewards!

The Weekly Prize Pool of $520 in BSW is divided among 100 random fortunate users in the following way:

💎 $260 in BSW for Twitter Share — #biswap_exchange for 50 winners (the 1st one - $15 & 49 others $5 each) 💎 $260 in BSW for Twitter Share — #biswap_earn for 50 crypto birds (the 1st one - $15 & 49 others $5 each)

Twitter Share for $520 in BSW Prize Pool!

Try your luck to share $520 in BSW by making tweets with unique hashtags:
#biswap_exchange - use to share your Swaps on Biswap Exchange
#biswap_earn - use to share other lucrative Biswap experiences:
🌟 Liquidity: become a Liquidity Provider by adding Liquidity
🌟 Farms: Stake LP-tokens & Harvest BSW income on Farms
🌟 Launchpools (Stake BSW Launchpools & Stake Tokens Launchpools): Stake tokens, Make Compound or Harvest your earnings.

How to participate in Biswap Sharing Season?

Sharing Pop-ups is the newest way to share your tweets automatically in one-click action from the Biswap website!
1. Make an action on Biswap which fits the hashtags #biswap_exchange or #biswap_earn
2. Click on the Twitter button, which will be shown in the Pop-up after confirming the transaction.
3. Share the automatically created tweet on your Twitter profile to participate in Weekly Sharing Season from Biswap.

Biswap Pop-ups it’s your lucrative chance to be in double-profit:

💎 Become one of the lucky crypto birds who will share $520 in BSW, challenging their fortune in Weekly Sharing Season from Biswap 💎 Get 5% from your friends’ earnings in Launchpools and 5% on Farms who joined Biswap via your referral link, attached to the automatically created tweet.
Pay attention that you may also share your vivid Biswap experience & your referral link via pop-ups with your Telegram friends. Still, it doesn’t count as participation in Biswap Sharing Season. The winners of the Biswap Sharing Season will be chosen randomly once a week and announced via Biswap Twitter with the link to the winners’ table.
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